Enrollment Management Recognition Awards

    Let's start out by telling us about you.
    Choose one category per nomination.
    Please choose a category and tell us why you believe your nominee is a good candidate! Please focus on specific examples of what sets the candidate apart related to the category prompts.
    Nominations are due March 15

    The Categories Are

    1. Outstanding Admin
      • This Administrative Support professional consistently hits the mark in completing their goals and duties. 
      • They are influential and substantially involved in the successes of the department. 
    2. Soaring New Professional
      • This candidate is in the first two years of their professional career.
      • Their work, campus involvement and personal development have been remarkable.
      • Their department is better for having them involved. 
    3. E.M. Innovator
      • Innovator! Trend Setter! Trailblazer! Maverick! Goose!
      • They are shaking things up in a positive way.
      • This candidate has made a significant impact and change on their department or in the division.
    4. Unsung Hero
      • This Candidate might not always be in the limelight, but they are getting it done!
      • Some of our most valuable colleagues work best from the sideline, their name isn't in the headline, but they are in line with the best of the best.
    5. Outstanding Program
      • This is to recognize your biggest, brightest or most effective program or event.
      • How has it impacted the office, the division, the University and most importantly, our students?
    6. Campus Partner
      • This candidate can be an individual or a department.
      • This nominee has collaborated with the division or a department  consistently and impactfully throughout the year.
    7. E.M. M.V.P
      • Who has made the largest impact in Enrollment Management?
      • Things to consider:
        • Programs
        • Mentoring
        • Partnerships
        • Representing the Division
        • Engaging at the University
    Please select one category per nomination.
    Please select one category per nomination.

    Tell us about your nominee. 

    For Outstanding Program, please put the program title in the First Name line. 

    If the nominee is a department, leave the names blank