Group Tours

    Group Visits

    Group visits are designed to offer college-bound high school students the opportunity to visit The College at Brockport. We require that a group visit is scheduled at least three weeks in advance, as our visit calendar fills up rather quickly. Group visits may be limited to student type, group size, and/or date requested. Due to campus COVID restrictions, we consider all group tour requests individually. Please contact Nina LaCombe at for more information.

    We require that the following group visit guidelines are read and upheld:


    Advanced Scheduling: The Office of Undergraduate Admissions requires that groups request a visit date with at least three weeks notice. At times, our office will not be able to accommodate visiting groups due to our high volume of daily traffic (including but not limited to dates in April and December, holidays, school breaks, etc.). The date requested is not guaranteed.

    Group Type: High school groups of juniors and seniors are given preference. We may have the resources to accommodate younger groups; however, it is not guaranteed. Our offerings during the group visit depend on the age/grade of the students.

    Group Size: We require groups to consist of at least eight students but preferably no more than 50. It is mandatory that groups meet a 10:1 student to chaperone ratio.

    Come Prepared: Campus tours involve roughly 45-60 minutes of walking. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and dress for the weather. If special accommodations need to be made for a member of your group, please let us know in advance so we can provide arrangements.

    Arrive on Time: Please plan for adequate travel time when requesting your group visit. Our ambassadors are on a tight schedule while balancing school full time, and being late may take time away from your visit. If you know you will be late, please be sure to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (585) 395-2751 to let a staff member know.

    Code of Conduct: Visitors are expected to behave and respect every aspect of our campus during their visit. It is not the job of our ambassadors or Admissions staff to supervise and discipline visiting groups. If at any point during the visit the group becomes unruly or misbehaved, the group will be asked to leave early, and restrictions will be set on visiting again.